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Chapel Hill Homecoming

A full house to celebrate Christmas 2011

Chapel Hill Post 6 has a nearly 100 year history in Chapel Hill.  They are busy rebuilding their post in more ways than one.  One example is their very successful Christmas Homecoming 2011.  They put on a great Christmas celebration and prime rib dinner for 100+ people and it did not cost the post a dime this year.  Learn more.

It takes people to build a post.  It takes lots of money to keep it going and programs pumping.  Sometimes this task seems insurmountable to most post commanders.

Lee Heavlin, post commander and District Vice Commander is rebuilding his post through people, shaking a lot of hands, and making many new friends.  He is adding new members each month and asks all members to become veteran evangelists spreading the word on what the American Legion is about, why we do what we do, and how we help veterans and youth in our community.  It’s working and working well.

New members are bringing new ideas and are rolling up their sleeves for the hard work of building new things and keeping the post looking sharp and welcoming.  They are making new friends in the post and sharing ideas, methods, and resources.  In short, they are helping make change and bring new life to the post.

He has also started a speakers’ bureau to provide speakers for local events, dedications, helping with school talks to kids, joining in local parades, and meeting local veterans.  Bureau members are also responding to news media inquiries and serving as event guest speakers.  Post members help, too, by talking to every veteran (or suspected veteran) they meet and they are inviting others to stop by the post to see what is going on and some are signing up.

When you talk to the Post Commander Heavlin or listen to him speak, you will notice one important point he always makes.  His mantra is simply

  • It is not about us.  
  • It is not about you.  It is not about me…
  • It is not about our post and what we do for the community.
  • It is about service to our veterans, recognizing war veterans, helping non-member veterans with access to the VA hospital, care and VA claims, and working with our youth.  
  • That is the mission of the American Legion.  It answers, “Why be part of the American Legion?”

He also reminds everyone he talks to that, “You can get anything you want, if you just help others get what they need.”  It’s working in Chapel Hill.  Will it work for you?

You can read some of his ideas on membership and building a post under Membership above. Learn more

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