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Google for Vets and Familes

Communicating with home from the battlefield was never easier.  Today’s service men and women use the internet, email, and Skype to share photos, video, and telecommunicate with family and friends.

Vietnam veterans remember the 30-day turnaround for a letter and reply.  World War II and Korea vets remember receiving mail that had been forwarded from one battlefield to another, as mail tried to find them.

When our heroes return home, they will continue to use the tools they use now to communicate and Google has stepped forward with ways to make it easier.  They have created Google for Veterans.  Google’s site welcome page states that   “This site was made by some veterans, family of veterans and friends who work at Google. We understand the challenges of serving, coming home and transitioning to civilian life. We’ve been there. Some of us are still figuring it out. Here are some free Google products we’ve gathered together that have made our lives easier. Hopefully, they can do the same for you.”  Learn more

There are helpful ideas with working with finances, jobs, transitioning back to civilian life and much more for both the veterans and their families.

Give it a look.  Find out what is available to you and your post.  Keep our “lines of communication” open and keep sharing your story with your fellow warriors, shipmates, and air crews.

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