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Paying It Forward in Our District

Chapel Hill Post 6 has been working hard all year to restore their post. They are doing it one brick, one tile, one bucket at a time. It has given the working party members an uplifted spirit and enthusiasm for tackling projects both big and small. Continue reading

Watching our Neighbors

There is a lot we can learn from our neighbors. In the Legion, it is our neighboring posts. Are you visiting your neighbors? Reach out to other posts and visit them. You may come home with some new ideas. That is what Post Commander Heavlin of Chapel Hill did when he visited Durham Post 175 and Snow Camp Post 305. Here are some of his observations Continue reading

Want to be in Pictures?

The Durham VA Medical Ceenter is seeking VETERANS and their family members to give (PAID) interviews for a large-scale, nationally advertised campaign for Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Participating in this campaign (www.MakeTheConnection.net) is one of the most effective and fulfilling ways to help your fellow Veterans and their families – just by sharing your story. Continue reading

System Worth Saving Task Force Visits Durham

The American Legion has always advocated for veteran’s benefits and services. The American Legion believes that the VA Health Care system is the “Best Care Anywhere” and that it is a “System Worth Saving.” A task force travels throughout America to speak with local veterans who use VA facilities and services.  It then meets with the local VA hospital staff to address veterans concerns. Continue reading

American Legion Annual Report

Did you know that the American Legion releases an annual report? Its our report card and covers everything the National team did last year and why we did it. It also contains information on American Legion plans for new and existing programs. Continue reading

Web Site News Attracts Attention

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? You may have pondered this question yourself. On-line news, magazine articles and newspapers are all news providers, but on-line news is seen and found by many, many people. Continue reading

World War II Vet Bikes to DC

A Leasburg, NC, World War II veteran is about to embark on a bicycle journey to Washington, DC. Samuel Winstead, a Pacific theater veteran in the fall of 1945, is making this quest in an effort to bring attention to war and the need to “stop wars and not place any more debt on you [us] and may [our] grandchildren, for any reason.” Continue reading

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