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World War II Vet Bikes to DC

A Leasburg, NC, World War II veteran is about to embark on a bicycle journey to Washington, DC.  Samuel Winstead, a  Pacific theater veteran in the fall of 1945, is making this quest in an effort to bring attention to war and the need to “stop wars and not place any more debt on you [us] and may [our] grandchildren, for any reason.”

Leasburg is in District 12 and was the original seat of Caswell County.

Samuel states that it has been 70 years since he last rode a bike as a teenager.  We do hope that he is preparing for this journey. Learn more, read  Bike Rider

Samuel is also well know in the Leasburg area.  Upon returning from the war, he established a farm, now known as Taylor’s Farming and Winstead’s Pumpkin Patch.  Sam’s Country Hams are a local treat that is well sought after and travels far and wide, including New York and other northeastern areas.  Once tasted, they are prized and ordered to grace distant dining tables.  The hams are not advertised and sell out each year!

You can join Samuel at the North Carolina State Capitol building on April 29th at 8 a.m.  This is the kickoff point for his bike ride to Washington, DC.  He invites you to join him then “to celebrate a plan of confidence, and hope, for the future of America.

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