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Watching our Neighbors

There is a lot we can learn from our neighbors.  In the American Legion, it is our neighboring posts.  Are you visiting your neighbors?

Reach out to other posts and visit them.  You may come home with some new ideas.  That is what Post Commander Heavlin of Chapel Hill did when he visited Durham Post 175 and Snow Camp Post 305.  Here are some of his  observations:

  • Durham Post 175 has had a  tough time with an aging post.  There was a lot to do and limited resources.  However, they did not let that stand in their way.  They fixed what they could, then did a little more.   They invested in new air conditioners and painted the building.  They were on a post renewal program.   A sharp looking post is a  welcoming post.  The results are all positive.  Take a look.  Drop by and make a  new friend or two.
  • Snow Camp is way out in the country on a lot of land.  The building is older, but it is solid.  Their bulletin board has a news story from about the 60’s when the post was built.  A few people got together in the local general store and  said, “Why not build a post in Snow Camp?”  And that is what they set out to do.  One member donated land, another cleared it, local people donated materials, and they all went to work.  The post is large in size and resembles a Grange building.  It was built by local veterans who had a dream.  They worked together to make it happen.  Team work and community spirit built Post 305.

Chapel Hill was sharing some of the same issues found in Posts 175 and 305.  Commander Heavlin took home with him their stories and used some of their ideas.  Most of all, he took home with him a sense of “nothing is impossible.”  Did it work?  You be the judge.  Visit their website and news blog.  Read some of the stories of projects completed, programs in motion, and successes.  They are continuing the 93 year history of Post 6 and, at the same  time, are creating new things that will form their legacy.  As Post Commander Heavlin says, “I’m just too dumb to know that it’s an impossible task.  We just do it.”

How about you?  A post renewal project will breathe newness and energy in your post and community.

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