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Dressing for Success

Chapel Hill American Legion Post 6 is going after new members with a totally unorthodox method.  Instead of going for numbers, they are making friends.

Members rely heavily on “meet-and-greet.”  They wear patriotic caps, shirts, and jackets.  They look for other veterans in shopping centers, shops, coffee houses, and malls.  In fact, no matter where they go, they try to be very conspicuous.  They draw attention to themselves.  Here is an example.

  • Let’s say that they approach a veteran with a Vietnam vet cap or pin.  They stop and greet them and share that they, too, served in Vietnam.  They ask the person if they are being seen by the VA Medical Center.  They ask about health issues and they share what they know about how to get help, if needed.  If the person already knows about Agent Orange or other VA benefits, they encourage that person to share what they know with others who don’t.

Their sincerity and caring attitude makes a new friend and a candidate for membership.  Lastly, they offer those they greet with an invitation to attend a meeting and an opportunity to meet other vets.

Post 6 also networks with non-member vets!  Not everyone wants to join a post.  However, most want to do something with or for the post.  Non-member vets volunteer their time, equipment, and resources to help their post.  Why?  Because vets help other vets.  And, some helper non-members get a chance to test the post for sincerity.  Non-members often become members!

Zig Ziglar said it best, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  If you want to increase membership and rebuild your post into a vibrant, active, and proactive team, just help others.  Give local vets a reason to participate.

Need some talking points?  Need to rekindle your personal enthusiasm?  Watch this…

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