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Communication Is Essential

If you are reading the news, listening to the radio, or watching television, you can’t miss phrases like

  • … Just got it on Facebook.
  • Can you Tweet it?
  • We have 300 friends.
  • Hey, 40 people liked it!
  • It went viral!

Yes sir, things are moving fast and news even faster.  Regular users of a computer see news that does not make the front page or evening news for days!  Ever wonder, “Why?”  They see what you are reading on your PC, at the same time you do.

The American Legion recognizes the importance of keeping its members informed.  You need important, factual information as it happens.  That is just what they are doing. The American Legion’s website homepage is now looking more like USA Today.  The news that you can use takes center stage in the form of interviews or videos.  Take a look.

Chapel Hill’s web site has taken off this year.  There are lots of community interest and service stories.  More are planned to promote their post renewal program.  They are busy fixing the post up and improving their community presence.  One of Chapel Hill’s stories on local Tuskegee Airmen gets up to 300 hits a day. Learn more

How about you and your post?  Have you thought about new ways to improve post communications?  You can contact your district officers for assistance.  Your District Vice Commander is ready to help you.  And, it will not cost your post any money for a post website.  It will only cost you your time.  You are already doing it with email.  Just switch from email to spam-free blogging your stories.  Many more will see it and you will be surprised at the results.  You will never have to locate an email and send it again to a member.  It will be in the cloud and he or she can find it anytime, anywhere.  Contact the district vice commander.

Coming soon…  District 12 Facebook.

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