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Post 6 newsletterNewsletters are important to our members.  Not everyone has email and not everyone can get to their post.  But, there are more reasons to take the time to publish a post newsletter.  Here are just a few:

  1. We reward our member participation by sharing what our members do.
  2. We create interest in post activities by sharing with all members upcoming events.
  3. We bond with others when we show how much their participation means to the success of the Post.
  4. We applaud the efforts of our individual members.  They will share their recognition with family, friends, and neighbors.  Use photos.
  5. Our newsletters are read by many.  Distribution can be greatly expanded through email, FaceBook, and sharing with veterans clubs and community centers.
  6. Our newsletters are an important part of our historical file for the Post.
  7. Local veterans learn more about our Posts through exposure to newsletters.
  8. Other North Carolina Posts learn from your post and often start programs or hold events that they learned about from your post.
  9. Younger veterans learn about your post and your activities.
  10. Your post will grow through sharing information and activities.

It is the same as the brand of a national product.  You are establishing your brand and the brand of the American Legion.  You are telling the world what we do as American Legionnaires.  Be proud!  Wave your flag.  Toot your whistle or horn.  Be visible!

Post 7 in Durham publishes an excellent newsletter.  They know the value of a strong newsletter, because their post is steadily growing more active.  Take a look at their 2018 MARCH AMERICAN LEGION POST 7 NEWSLETTER.  You, too, will be impressed.  Give them a call and tell them that you are interested in how to do it.  They will be glad to help you.

Adjutants can download from National templates for newsletters in three different formats.  Just visit the Post Officer’s  portal of mylegion.org.  MS Word, LibreOffice.org, and other software packages also offer free templates.

You can learn more about how to create a newsletter and more by visiting the District 12 Helpbox.  It is located in the taskbar above.  It is located between Calendar and Programs.

You can also share your Post’s events and success stories with the District Commander.  Your information and upcoming will be then shared with other district post on this site.

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