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Big Things From Post 89

Has your Post done something that is different and that made a impact in your community? Do you have an idea to share? Have you been struggling with a program or project for your Post? Well, you are not alone. But, maybe a few miles down the road another group of vets are “dreaming the impossible dream.”

Take a look at the “tiny” one-room Post 89 in Yanceyville. They found magic in the hills of Caswell County. They seem to have adopted the words from an 1873 French novel, Phineas Redux. You may have heard a version of it. Roughly translated, it is, ‘The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.’ Many a combat or service unit has adopted a version of this famous quote as a unit or group motto. You may have heard it yourself. Some of us live by it.

This writer has watched the small group of American Legionnaires and other veterans of Yanceyville and Caswell County lead local parades, honor other veterans and active duty servicemen and women, sponsor a memorial in the town square, support their local community events, honor a soldier by naming a highway after him, and countless other projects. They are visible, everywhere. They are visible and highly respected.

And, as you might think they couldn’t possibly top themselves, they raise $18,161 for the Caswell County Veterans Memorial. Now this is a story worth sharing. Learn more.

Our hats are off to Post Commander Jeffrey Sicz and the members of Algernon Sidney Neal Post 89, Yanceyville. We salute them for their generosity, humility, and patriotism.

Why not take a day trip to Caswell County country and visit Post 89? And, if we are still in a Covid-19 lockdown, pick up the phone and give Jeff a call at 336-514-0557. Ask him how they do what they do with just 57 members, a one room Post Home, in a small town with maybe two traffic lights on NC Highway 86.

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