American Legion Emblem Rules

Say it isn’t so…. You did not create a website, make a post business card, or otherwise produce a printed, published product without first getting permission of The American Legion. Remember, it is a protected copyright.

You can, however, use it for a post website, your personal computer-generated Post correspondence, so long as you have applied for and been granted permission. Let’s do it now. Click on this link, read the instructions, fill-in the form and submit it. It’s easy. Click here: https://www.legion.org/emblem/request

It is a one and done for a post, but a request must be made and approved before use.  Be sure, as Post Adjutant, that you save the original approved request and keep it with your turnover material for inspection, and historical files.

Caution. You can not, repeat, NOT create personal or post business cards with this authorization. Some printers are licensed to print the American Legion family of emblems and logos.

How do you get around the copyright for personal business cards? (1) Order them from the American Legion Flag and Emblem Supply. Visit myLegion.org for details. Or, (2) use Staples to print two-sided American Flag imprinted business cards. Current price in Orange County, NC, is about $20 with same day delivery.

Need an American Legion, S.A.L., or Auxiliary certificate for about thirty different programs and awards? You do not have to purchase a from from the Legion and then have it shipped to you, but you can, if desired. If you are a post with big ideas and little cash, order the American Legion Certificates Library on a thumb drive with more than 1GB of free space.

You just select the appropriate form, download it to MS Word and fill in the blank. Do not worry about the original files on the drive. You can not destroy them Learn more at this link:  https://emblem.legion.org/Certificate-Maker-USB-Drive/productinfo/755.409/ Additional rules are on the website.

You can print certificates in color. We recommend using Southworth brand Parchment specialty paper for an impressive certificate. Top it off with an 8.5×11 frame from WalMart or Dollar General for an impressive presentation.

Large print jobs and office supplies discounts. Don’t forget your OfficeMax discount card to save many dollars on printing.  Visit myLegion.org, sign-in, and go to Member Discounts.  The cards are usually mailed to new adjutants each year.

Does your post do parades? Want a magnetic sign for your Post’s car? Order a VistaPrint magnetic sign without the American Legion logo, but leave space for it. Purchase the official American Legion emblem from Flag and Emblem Supply (use the same link, above) and affix it to your magnetic sign. The American Legion also offers a 12″ magnetic emblem that is perfect by itself on the side door of a vehicle.

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