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Mid-Year Meeting Report

There is a lot happening with American Legionnaires throughout our state. Did you head to Raleigh to participate in the Mid-Year Conference? If not, you missed out. Continue reading

Jerry Hedrick Honored

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina took time on the Senate floor to honor longtime American Legion National Executive Committeeman Jerry Hedrick, who passed away in his home state during the 2014 National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. Continue reading

American Legion Chapel Rededication

The University of North Carolina Hospitals is rededicating the John M. Reeves All Faiths Chapel at North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill, on October 24, 4 p.m. This chapel was first built 50 years ago through the generosity of North Carolina American Legionnaires. Continue reading

Volunteers Needed

The Army’s Army needs your help! On May 18th, the Army’s Army and C4 Cross Creek Cycling Club will be hosting “Ride To Honor.” It’s a 34 and 61 mile bicycle ride to raise money for the Army’s Army and help further our mission of supporting our soldiers, veterans and their families. Continue reading

The Four Pillars

Who is the American Legion and what do we do? It is answered in just four words. Do you know them? Continue reading

Media Coverage

Our posts are doing better in their efforts to gain media attention. Small hometown newspapers are now seeking information from our posts for their papers and are a rapidly growing media group. You can use prepared news releases on American Legion programs and projects from the library of releases provided to you from national. Just fill in the missing information and submit it to your paper or local radio station. Continue reading

American Legion Annual Report

Did you know that the American Legion releases an annual report? Its our report card and covers everything the National team did last year and why we did it. It also contains information on American Legion plans for new and existing programs. Continue reading

Web Site News Attracts Attention

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? You may have pondered this question yourself. On-line news, magazine articles and newspapers are all news providers, but on-line news is seen and found by many, many people. Continue reading

Apex Post 124 plans golf outing

Apex American Legion Post 124 is hosting a second annual golf tournament at The Preserve at Jordan Lake. It is set for Thursday, March 15, 2012. Interested in joining in? Continue reading

Media Follows Our Post Heroes

Chapel Hill Post 6’s Adjutant is in the news this weekend. He is being honored with a two-part story on his service in the army as part of the 65th Infantry, Third Army. But that is not the story for this report. The story is that Garner News of Garner, NC, is publishing the story! Continue reading

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