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District Meeting at Yanceyville

The next district 12 Meeting is coming soon. It is Saturday, March 5th.
Post 210 Yanceyville is host post and welcomes you to their post home. They have done great things this past year to rebuild a stagnate membership and have gained seven new members and retained all of last years 20 members. Continue reading

Mid-Year Meeting Report

There is a lot happening with American Legionnaires throughout our state. Did you head to Raleigh to participate in the Mid-Year Conference? If not, you missed out. Continue reading

Hold That Tiger!

A lot of work goes into a successful project. A lot of work also goes into failing projects, too. What makes the difference? Planning. No project or program happens without some level of planning. It is the mastering of the project plan that makes it successful. Continue reading

Just Ask…

Chapel Hill Post 6 members get out and about in their town. They talk to everyone and make new friends. They also share their story of post renewal, veterans affairs, and their needs list for rebuilding their post. Continue reading

Communication Is Essential

Yes sir, things are moving fast and news even faster. Regular users of a computer see news that does not make the front page or evening news for days! Ever wonder, “Why?” They see what you are reading on your PC, at the same time you do. Continue reading

Watching our Neighbors

There is a lot we can learn from our neighbors. In the Legion, it is our neighboring posts. Are you visiting your neighbors? Reach out to other posts and visit them. You may come home with some new ideas. That is what Post Commander Heavlin of Chapel Hill did when he visited Durham Post 175 and Snow Camp Post 305. Here are some of his observations Continue reading

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