District posts receive  donations from members, friends of the American Legion, and estates of members and friends.  We also receive monetary gifts in lieu of flowers for funerals of veterans.  Business and corporate donors can also donate to the American Legion as a gift to a charity (501[c][19] war veterans charity).

If you would like to make a cash donation to an American Legion Post in District 12, please contact the respective post commander for the post of your choice. View Post Directory

Gifts of real or personal property may also be accepted.  Please contact the Post Commander for details and assistance.

A question sometimes comes up with regard to a donor gift being tax deductible.  The designation 501(c)(19) is confusing to some who hear of 501(c)(3) organizations.  There are other tax deductible charities recognized by the government in IRS Publication 501.

The American Legion is federally chartered and is a 501(c)(19)  War Veterans non-profit organization.  Each North Carolina American Legion Post is incorporated in the State of North Carolina as a war veterans non-profit organization and we are chartered by the American Legion National organization as a member of the North Carolina Department, American Legion.  Each post, if they retain their tax exempt status, are also a 501(c)(19) war veterans organization.  Please check with your post of choice to determine their status.

Donations to American Legion posts are fully tax deductible on donor tax returns as charitable donations.  Here is the IRS rule:

  • 501(c)(19)
  • A separately created category for veterans’ organizations is the 501(c)(19) classification. Generally, contributions to 501(c)(19) organizations are deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes if at least 90% of the members are war veterans. (Those veterans’ organizations that still have a 501(c)(4) ruling are also eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations.)

In the American Legion, 100% of our members are war veterans (served in the U.S. Armed Forces during a designated period of military conflict).

All donations to posts are acknowledged with a letter from the receiving post stating the amount received and fair market value of any item received as part of the donation.

To better understand the difference between Tax Exempt and Tax Deductible, see IRS Publication 3386

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