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geek iconDuring the 2013 Fall Conference for the Department of North Carolina, attendees of the Public Relations and Publications committee suggested the formation of a “geek squad” to share information on how to use the various forms of mass communication.  This site–American Legion NC Geeks–is the result of the suggestions offered and requests for assistance.

  • Ideas and proposed solutions posted here are commercial free.  We are not recommending the purchase of any system, service, or resource.  There are a lot of free, no-cost solutions available to you from both the American Legion and from open source groups.  

No, this is not going to be a computer-only solution.  We have more than one way to communicate.  All will be supported and we will share with all posts and districts best practices, tools, and resources.

This new site is hosted by American Legion NC District 12.

We will help you with:

  • American Legion Public Relations Toolkit – Download
  • Newsletters – both mailed and on-line  Learn more
  • American Legion National headquarters-provided solutions MyLegion.org
  • American Legion Department of North Carolina resourcesMonthly mailing and more
  • American Legion videos and radio/television Public Service Announcements (PSAs) – Sample Veterans Day video
  • Legion College Extension InstitureLegion College On-line
  • Forms – generating forms for on-line completion – Tutorial
  • Websites for posts – no cost and commercial hosting  Learn more
  • Photo organizing, sharing, and editing Picasa
  • File formats
  • PDF solutions – creating, saving, and printing – Cute PDF Writer
  • Videoscreating and posting on-line
  • Office Suite software – alternates to costly office suites (documents, spreadsheets, database, and presentations) that cost nothing to purchase
  • Document sharing – share spreadsheets, reports, files, and more on-line.  Learn more
  • Google resourcesView resources
  • Google communications, telephone, conferencing and desktop sharing – Google Hangouts
  • Telecommunications – alternates to land-line phones (Voice over IP)
  • Teleconferencing – No cost video conferencing
  • Website analytics – Find out who’s watching and visiting your website. – Statcounter.com

Access the topic of your choice by selecting the highlighted link or viewing the pages linked to this page in the toolbar, above.

What’s next?  We’ll add more items that you can use at your post.  We will also host a few Geek events in central and eastern districts (first steps without a budget).

Have questions or want to be added to our email list for NC Geeks?  You can contact the Vice Chairman of the Public Relations Committee.  Click here to email, or call 919-260-6571.

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