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The District Commander 10 Points of Success Guide was shared by the department with all district commanders.  It contains a lot of sound advice to help commanders excel as they work with their district posts.  In fact, these same guidelines are equally valuable at the post level.  

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Chapel Hill veterans join together to dedicate a new flagpole.

Part One: Don’t Expect What You Don’t Inspect
• Missing Minutes
• Tax Forms
• Finance Reports
• Membership Activities
• Programs
Part Two: Build Relationships
• Know your Post Officers
• Add value when you visit
• Communicate Regularly
• Respond Immediately
• Catch the Post Officers doing something positive
Part Three: Cast a District Vision
• Set realistic goals
• Know your timeline
• Understand the individual Post priorities
• Outline your priorities
• Align the vision
Part Four: Plan, Evaluate and Plan Again
• Document your 5 year plan
• Communicate the Plan
• Execute the Plan
• Re-adjust the plan when needed
• Measure, report and reward success
Part Five: Share Information
• Jr Vice Commanders should report on Post Activities
• Steal ideas shamelessly and share with other Posts
• Establish email chains and only pass on information only after you comment
• Update and use CallingPost.org
• Bad News does not get better with age.
Part Six: Participate in Community Events
• Schedule time to attend important community events
• Allow the Post Commander to identify your role at the event
• Praise the Post in from on the Community
• Be available for Media
• Make a photo op with the Post

Part Seven: Train
• Constantly update and train the District Officers
• Identify Post weaknesses and proved training in that area by District SME’s
• Recognize potential and create opportunities for up and coming Legionnaires
• Engage State Officers to assist
• Teach the History of the American Legion
Part Eight: Remove Barriers
• Listen and understand the problems
• Allow the Post to come up with Solutions
• Provide the Post with your solution
• Act on the solution
• Follow up to see if the issue was resolved
Part Nine: Program Implementation
• Know your deadlines
• Select Committee Chairs based on skillsets and motivation
• Assist the Posts to select programs based on their capabilities
• Engage State Officers to assist
• Recognized Posts and members for their participation
Part Ten: Membership Engagement
• Gave professional meetings
• Become fluent on why veterans should be members
• Create opportunities for family events
• Recruit the whole family
• Look for a cadence of contact with members ate each Post
• Provide Service Officer Support
• Revitalize every year
• Ensure each Post can use mylegion.org
• Help each Post secure recruiting material and application
• Recognize new members during your visit
• Provide data on veterans in the area
• Go early to the town or county and try to recruit a member for the Post

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