Office Printing for Your Post

OfficeMax/Office Depot is great for copy printing and office supplies

Office Depot is a proud supporter of The American Legion. Office Depot provides members with up to 80% off of over 93,000 items including ink, toner, printing costs, and items for the classroom, home and office. Members can shop online from any location, as well as print out a free in-store purchasing card to use discounts in-store. For added convenience, next day delivery is free on purchases of $50 or more. Direct billing is available by calling 1-855-337-6811, ext. 12897. They also offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Call them and let them explain what services are right for you and tell you more about their fees. Need a member card for OfficeMax? Here’s your link

Staples is fast and affordable for Color Business Cards

Staples is a good source within our district for instant printing of business cards. We have found their pricing low at $19.99 for 500 cards, two sided printing. Design and place your order online and pick up the next day, if you send at night. Remember, if you are printing cards locally and not through American Legion Emblem and Supply, you can not use the American Legion seal–no exception. We can use only a licensed vendor, one who has contracted with the American. Here’s your Staples link

VistaPrint for car signs

VistaPrint has proven to be a reliable source for magnetic vehicle signs. You can design the sign using VistaPrint templates. If you leave space in the center for an American Legion 3″ or 6″ emblem decal, you can order the official decals from American Legion Flag & Emblem and add them to your generic sign.

American Legion Copyright compliance

All references to use of the American Legion emblem assume that you are a nationally chartered American Legion Post. In addition, your post must have applied for permission to use the American Legion emblem on stationary, website, and signage. That permission is very easy to get. Why? Because your requested it via the Department of North Carolina and your Department has approved/certified that you have a charter.

Keep of the approval on file in your Post’s “go to” compliance file. That’s the binder or folder that contains a copy of your charter, incorporation documents, EIN assignment, proof of IRS Form 990 filing, Post By-laws and Constitution, list of officers, permission to use the American Legion Emblem, and a current roster. (The binder is handy when you are greeted by a compliance officer/agent of the IRS, NC Revenue and Sales Tax Office, or your District Commander.

Obey all American Legion copyright rules. It’s in your Officer’s Manual or click here.

Post Event Printing

We find OfficeMax to be a solid and inexpensive source for newsletter and event material printing and folding. You can use their online print portal to send your copy.

Be sure to call them to let them know it is a special price item so that your discount is applied.

You will need to take with you your Post’s discount card, but you can also get the account number online at MyLegion.org. Please sign in to access member discount codes


Create a generic card for your post. Order a thousand cards ($25) and put them in the hands of your post recruiters. Get the cards in the hands of vets or families of vets. Share with your local police and fire stations. Let them know you are in business and what you do!

If you get ten percent of the people who get your post’s card, that’s 100 new members!


Purchase your emblems from Flag & Emblem. Leave space for the decal.

Vehicle signs work well for local parades, official visits, visits to senior centers, or an event where you want everyone to know that the American Legion is present with a pocket full of membership applications.

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