This Help box is for the newbie and for the professional PC user.

This is a very powerful website and there are a lot of neat things that can make your user experience easier.  For example,

Access District News to your home PC or smartphone

  • Subscribe to the site to get automatic alerts as to what is posted.
  • Click on HELPBOX in the taskbar above to highlight a desired topic in the dropdown menu.  Here is a list of popular topics:

File printing

  • Print pages in PDF format with one mouse click.
  • Download forms and photos from the district, state or national sites
  • Search for content globally within the site

PC User knowledge

  • Learn about free software for editing photos and uploading videos to YouTube.com
  • Obtain free anti-phishing and anti-virus software from Microsoft, AVG and Avast!
  • Start a cloud-based email account that stays with you when you change your ISP provider.
  • Become a power user by exploring the website and its links
  • Find free software solutions for Post use.

Post Website help

  • Obtain a free website hosted by WordPress.com for your Post that looks and feels just like the district site.  There are many other theme-based designs to chose from.
  • Purchase a dedicated domain name for your post for $15 or less a month.
  • Learn to make photos smaller, larger, into a collage, or a slideshow



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